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Our technology is a small, ultra-low power cellular communication device that makes a one-way phone call (caller cannot hear the callee) to police, campus security or other allies while providing GPS coordinates to responders; and it uploads encrypted audio of the attack to the cloud. We expect ½ year of standby power and still being able to complete a 5 minute call.

Our cellular device is discreetly worn by the victim (e.g. clips on an undergarment or is in a pocket) and is activated by pressing a button through clothing to call for help. Recorded audio of the incident can be used as evidence.

Our device not only allows an individual to call for help, but it also provides a private, confidential, method for an individual to document details of an assault, securely stored in the cloud, without the need to report the incident until they are comfortable to do so.  Facts are documented contemporaneously, establishing greater credibility for the victim. 

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