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The Sita Foundation is an organization that prepares victims of violence to rise up against repeated abuse by empowering them, ensuring confidence, and increasing safety through the use of technology that engages allies. SiTa’s compact cellular device allows for victims to discreetly call for help while also securely recording and storing audio of the incident for later evidentiary purposes. SiTa’s technology and strategy impacts this pervasive and costly abuse that impacts millions of people by making victims safer, giving responders real time information about the incident, and providing recorded audio evidence of the attack.

About Jo Natauri:
Jo is a proven and committed advocate for healthcare, safety, and equity both in her professional and personal obligations. With over 20 years in the healthcare investment industry, Jo has made significant progress in advancing equality, ensuring access, and securing results. At Goldman Sachs, Jo is the global head of private healthcare and investing. She is also the lead investor on the firm’s Launch With GS project, a $500 million investment Goldman is making to narrow the gender gap in investment, and also also serves on the Committee for Corporate Investment and the Sustainable Investing Committee at Goldman. Jo has been with Goldman since 2006 when she joined as a vice president. She became a managing director in 2008 and was named partner in 2012. Before joining Goldman, Jo was an investment banker at Deutsche Bank. 

Jo is on the board of Safe Horizon, an American victim advocacy NGO, and on the board of Flywire, a global payment platform. 

Links to Jo's Profiles: 

Jo Natauri – Founder: About Us
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